Does anyone know if it's possible to setup WireMoc...
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Does anyone know if it's possible to setup WireMock to use DataDog tracing? We use Datadog for our monitoring platform and the WireMock standalone .jar file. We have the DataDog agent on the machine and I've setup our service according to the DataDog documentation for Jetty, but when make calls to WireMock it seems like the traces aren't getting through. DataDog works with Jetty, so I assumed it should be straightforward but it seems like WireMock might be blocking something. Just wondering if anyone has had any success setting it up, or vice versa, if anyone knows for sure that it won't work.
Hi. I don’t have any direct experience of setting up wiremock and Datadog tracing so not sure how useful I can be here. One thing that might be useful though is the otel extension that was started as part of our hacktoberfest 2023 event
Neat, I'll poke through that. I don't think it'll solve my initial problem, but it does look interesting and may contain some useful info.
Hey @Refael Botbol, I searched this server for the DataDog keyword, and saw you mention that's where you're from. I'm not going to bother you here for technical help, but just wondering if you've seen cases where DataDog was used with the WireMock standalone .jar
Hi :) I actually moved to Cycode (security world) almost a year ago... I don't recall a use case, but I have a feeling that WM is used there just like other dev team:)