hey folks, need some help with trying to do a path...
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hey folks, need some help with trying to do a path regex match. I'm using the wiremock-captain plugin in js to talk to my wiremock servers and this is my iWireMockRequest const
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const request: IWireMockRequest = {
	method: 'GET',
	endpoint: '\/contests\/\d+-\d+\/entries\?page=1&page_size=100&user=22',

const response: IWireMockResponse = {
	status: 200,
	body: ***,

 const features: IWireMockFeatures = {
	requestEndpointFeature: EndpointFeature.UrlPattern,
when I try to register the above to my wiremock server, i see in my logs that its registering the regex as:
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in which the /d+-d+/ looks incorrect and its not doing the regex correctly. I've tried to use \\d+ instead of \d+ but instead of it showing up as
when registered, it shows up as
so i'm at a loss as to the correct way to escape the regex
Hi, sorry but I have never used
and am not a js developer so don't have a huge amount of knowledge in this area. Not sure if other members of the community have. Does this seem to be an issue with how wiremock-captain is creating the mappings ? If so I was wondering if you would get a more targeted response if you raised an issue on the wiremock-captain github page - https://github.com/HBOCodeLabs/wiremock-captain
Thanks Lee! I'll see if i can get more iformation there