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<!channel> πŸ“’ We’re excited to announce the general availability of WireMock 3 - a new baseline that introduces a lot of new features and integrations! It includes support for gRPC and GraphQL, new matchers and templating capabilities, new extension points, and better observability. There are also some breaking changes that require user action. Read More and see the migration guide: https://www.wiremock.io/post/wiremock-3-goes-ga In WireMock 3 we released the key breaking changes, especially in binary APIs. This builds a foundation for the major enhancements and features we want to introduce. There are many enhancements integrated along the way and many features were released as preview: YAML Configuration Support, GA releases of Protocol extensions and Testcontainers modules, new documentation site, Java 21 support GA, and many other initiatives. See our roadmap for all key initiatives: https://github.com/orgs/wiremock/projects/4. We would like to thank all contributors to WireMock 3 who helped to enhance the release, fixed issues there, and shared their feedback. We had more than 100 contributors to this release, and we appreciate all the effort! See the full list on the blogpost, and sorry if we missed anyone (let us know on Slack). Any feedback on the release and your user/developer experiences with it will be appreciated!
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