Just a few days left until the end of Hacktoberfes...
# general
Just a few days left until the end of Hacktoberfest! You still can join WireMock and participate in the event. There're still a few issues waiting for newcomer contributors, any code and non-code contributions are welcome!https://wiremock.org/events/hacktoberfest/ The featured projects include: 1) WireMock developer and operations experience - improving support for core use-cases including support for more configuration formats, observability, additional matchers, State Extension enhancements, etc. 2) WireMock 3 adoption and compatibility in downstream libraries and adapters 3) WireMock for Python projects - deeper Python ecosystem integrations in Python WireMock and other projects 4) WireMock and Testcontainers - Let’s make the existing #Testcontainers modules better and create new ones for different technology stacks! 5) API Mock Templates - Create new templates and improve the existing ones, enhance the Mock API Templates Library 6) Documentation clean-up and improvements - We want to make user and developer documentation better, including new pages, styling and guides