<@U03N1E342B0> I also wonder whether we could fix ...
# wiremock-java
@Tom I also wonder whether we could fix the terminology to avoid confusion, e.g. from the convo with @Nikita Karpuk: • The "extension" -means a single extension point implementation, so a single class name (https://wiremock.org/docs/extending-wiremock/). And extension always means a single class • JAR files may include a number of extensions, and all these extensions will be automatically loaded in WireMock 3. To avoid possible confusion, we could call is a "WireMock plugin"
The same, we could introduce "pluginId" to provide some information about extension grouping. In Testcontainers I tried to assign IDs to all extensions but as Nikita mentioned it has little value right now. It was pretty helpful in Jenkins when adopting configuration is code, but we are far from that point and I doubt we want a full-fledged extension engine for now