Hi all! We are happy to announce preview of the <W...
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Hi all! We are happy to announce preview of the WireMock API Templates Library. It is a standalone service that provides a "marketplace" of API templates and examples for popular services that can be used with both WireMock and WireMock Cloud. The underlying website and the data set are fully open source and open for contributions! Links: • Website: https://library.wiremock.org/Usage guidelines for WireMock - in Docker/Java WireMock Standalone and Unit Tests • For WireMock Cloud - use the "Run in WireMock Cloud" button or import the WireMock JSON • GitHub repo with templates: https://github.com/wiremock/api-template-library • GitHub repo with the website: https://github.com/wiremock/library.wiremock.org-sources • GitHub Issue on the roadmap https://github.com/wiremock/ecosystem/issues/12 The repository and the documentation will keep evolving overtime. Just submit GitHub issues for any issues or proposals, pull requests with patches are welcome too!
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