Join us for the first ever WireMock Community Webi...
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Join us for the first ever WireMock Community Webinar on June 12, 14:00 UTC! @Bas Dijkstra will talk about extending WireMock for custom API Mocking use-cases. Out of the box, WireMock is already a very powerful library, allowing you to create mocks for your HTTP APIs with ease. But did you know that you can extend WireMock itself, too, and make it even more powerful? In this talk and live coding demo, you'll see various ways in which you can extend the features of WireMock yourself, and get even more out of your WireMock efforts. We'll go through various use cases where the default WireMock features are not enough and build and run extensions that allow creating even richer mocks for our integration and end-to-end testing efforts.
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