Hi I have a weird issue with log entries returning...
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Hi I have a weird issue with log entries returning null, but only on a specific Linux version on TC (Team City). I have tried setting ports to random & tried removing port to allow auto assignment but neither seems to work. It is a functional test with scenarios, I'd like to reiterate that it works fine locally on Windows & on Linux 22.04 via WSL.
Can you share the full context needed to reproduce? This isn’t something I’ve encountered before, so don’t have a quick answer to hand.
Team City agent is running on Linux version 4.15.0-202-generic. Running on this Linux version has issues returning the logs correctly.
Can you elaborate on what
issues returning the logs correctly
Hi @Aaron thanks for reaching out. It returns an empty list. & Where I have assertions in the test, the test fails. It should not be empty.