Hello everyone, We have root module having packagi...
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Hello everyone, We have root module having packaging as pom and 2 sub modules where one is existing and the other one added recently. Existing module is spring boot application which has starter class we can say it as main module where required wiremock configuration defined by creating bean. Both modules has __files and mapping folders respectively for requests and mocked responses in josn format. Now when I run application, I can able to access main existing module and able to get correct mocked response but can not able to get the same for new module although I have added new module dependency in existing modules pom.xml file. Can any one help me how can I tell wiremock to scan request and response under __files and mapping folder of new module? Already tried with FileSource not working. Kindly help In this case I am using wiremock-jre8 of 2.28.1 version
Anyone has any idea on this, pls help